© 2023 by Emma Dei.


American culture idealizes and celebrates the Cowboy Individual. In truth, most people, disabled or not, form “families;” they may biological, or be families of choice.  These intimate circles connect up with the larger structures to which we belong.  Disability, in its many forms, makes our inter-reliance plain: accessibility and social acceptance are both functions of group recognition.    When people are uncomfortable or unwilling to recognize the reality, and benefit, of interdependence it fosters the mythology of the powerful loner.  Society, by definition, is a state of awareness of the roles that we play in each other’s lives. It benefits when our interconnections are honored.  The Family drawings are an ongoing document of my own community of belonging.  Some are blood relations, others are people who I consider part of my survival.  They are a testament to the power that human beings have to transform each other’s lives.