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GOLEM GIRL: a memoir, by Riva Lehrer

Published by One World, Penguin/Random House

In-store date:
October 6, 2020

Book Launch:
October 8, 2020 at the Swedish-American Museum of Chicago


Artist and scholar Riva Lehrer’s GOLEM GIRL, a memoir in the tradition of Hold Still by Sally Mann and Just Kids by Patti Smith, telling the story of how the writer, born with disabilities, searches for a livable, subversive identity in a society afraid of strange bodies, ultimately becoming an innovative painter whose work honors beauty of all kinds, with her extraordinary portraits interspersed throughout the narrative.


Riva Lehrer is represented by Markus Hoffmann at Regal Hoffmann & Associates.

Blue Veronika
1999, gouache on Amate paper, 36
" x 24,Private collection