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Animal metaphors are among the oldest elements of human language. Animals are our first mirror; we use them as reflections to understand ourselves. Ideas about animals are the foundation of countless metaphors and similes.


Mirror Shards looked at the role animal symbols, metaphors and similes take in how we build empathy. Animal costumes act as shamanistic constructs that allow the subject to merge with another being, in body and mind. his merging is at once an act of self-knowledge and a release from the self.


Yet, my ultimate concern in Mirror Shards is for the animals, not the humans. A world is lost with each lost species.  Mirror Shards is a plea for the protection of our broken mirror, for our cycle of reflection, as we shatter the world of the animals themselves. And as we shatter as well.

Note: Audio descriptions of the artwork are in progress and we hope to provide them soon.

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