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Gordon Sasaki

Gordon Sasaki

2008, graphite on Schoellershammer board, 40" x 30"


Gordon Sasaki was born in Hawaii, a fourth-generation Japanese-American, who became a wheelchair user after a car accident in his twenties. Since then, Sasaki has been involved in disability culture, both as an artist and as an educator. His photographic series, “New York Portraits” documents over fifty Disabled artists and performers in New York City. For years, Sasaki worked at MOMA where he runs programs that provide artistic education to children and adults with disabilities; he also acts as the director of the Wynn Newhouse Awards, a NY-based granting organization that provides merit funding for artists with impairments.

Gordon chose water as his source of strength, peace and freedom, and as a connection to his Hawaiian heritage. Falling water delineates that gap of separation that is the space of photographic witness, a pane of glass that is lens, veil, and shield.


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