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A diptych style self portrait in the medium of gouache on paper. The portrait has a top and bottom component which completes the whole. The top portion is of Riva cropped from the chest up. She has short red hair with a long side braid, silver rimmed oval glasses, and is wearing a black tank top. Riva is looking directly at the viewer with a wry expression against a muted blue sky. A thick scar with the Hebrew letters spelling EMET (TRUTH) are carved into Riva’s forehead. The bottom component shows Riva’s legs cropped from the knee down. She is wearing black leather shoes with custom soles and cuffed orange socks. She stands on a patch of dirt with blades of grass growing in a circle around her feet. The background is the same muted blue.

Riva Lehrer

1998, gouache on paper, two paintings, 14" x 14" each


Self portrait.


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