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A mixed media self portrait. Riva is nude, and has short red hair with white streaks. She sits on the ground. Riva is crossing her legs, looking down at her thigh, and stitching an actual black thread through her inner thigh. Both hands are against her chest. On her body are three sewn patches – one on her inner thigh as previously described, one on the outer thigh of her opposite leg, and one on her bicep. She wears a braided crown with multi-colored crayons sticking up. On the ground surrounding Riva are nine multi-colored paper dolls drawn in a childlike manner. Coming from the chest of each doll are more black threads shooting upwards. At the end of each thread is a large actual steel suture needle. The backdrop of the scene is a warm multi-tonal red.

Coloring Book

2011, acrylic, dimensional collage and mixed media on Amate paper, 24" x 36"

Dolls contain images of organs removed from my body during surgeries.


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